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Directly on the border between Rhineland-Palatinate and Lorraine, right where the truly charming recreational landscape of the Pfälzerwald Biosphere Reserve and Park meets the northern part of the Vosges mountains - that is where you will find the state-approved climatic spa of Eppenbrunn, also known as the "gateway to the Wasgau" which is a Franco-German hill range in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the French departments of Bas-Rhin and Moselle (source: Wikipedia).
Eppenbrunn offers a wide range of numerous leisure possibilities such as enjoyable hikes and excursions - to the Lourdes grotto, to the Devil's Table or to nearby Bitche in France. The village of Eppenbrunn is surrounded by a fairytale forest, which is the home of a particularly rich world of flora and fauna.
Especially impressive is the formation of the Altschlossfelsen ("Old Castle Rocks"), an almost 1,500 metre long rock wall formed of bunter sandstone - the longest in the Palatinate. The Dianabild ("picture of Diana") carved into the rock reminds us of the passage of the Romans.
There is a spaciously laid out park in the centre of the village.

Altschloß Pfad

The Altschlosspfad leads through a magnificent natural landscape through the Palatinate Forest and culminates at the natural and cultural monument Altschlossfelsen. The mighty orange-red rock towers of red sandstone, which accompany the path for 1.5 km, fascinate with their varied colour compositions ...

Arius Tour
Arius Tour

The tour leads past some special rock formations to the Ruppertstein castle ruins and also has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy. The Beckenhof forester's lodge and the PWV Starkenbrunnen hiking home are located directly along the trail and halfway along the way invite you to stop for a hearty snack. The Ständenhof country inn is also just a few minutes' walk from the trail...

Lemberger Graf-Heinrich-Weg
Lemberger Graf-Heinrich-Weg

In the immediate vicinity of the Lemberg castle ruins, the path leads past a multitude of mighty rock massifs. Through the wildly romantic rock and forest landscape you will repeatedly reach idyllic vantage points, which invite you to linger with a magnificent view ...

Lemberger Rothenbergweg
Lemberger Rothenberg Weg

A tour through varied forests with amazing rocks as well as quiet valleys and a comfortable stop at the PWV Waldhaus "Drei Buchen". The idyllic tranquillity that accompanies the entire route, together with the mighty rock massif of the Rothenberg, creates a special flair ...

Eulenfels Tour

A tour along narrow paths in the Palatinate Forest, which leads through varied nature past impressive rock formations and invites you to take a break at the PWV Hohe-List Hiking Home. The highlight of the tour is the hidden rock plateau of the Eulenfels with its impressive view ...

Lemberger Flößertour
Lemberger Flößertour

The tour runs on narrow paths past some varied rocks, with great views. The Fleckstein with its small rock gate and mighty rock formations is only one highlight of the tour. The historic Trift facility in Storrbachtal, which runs along the path, is also particularly worth seeing ...


The tour leads through romantic valleys past idyllic woos and then along the German-French border, where there are many historical landmarks to be discovered. At the end of the tour, the largest red sandstone massif of the Palatinate awaits the hiker with the Altschlossfelsen, which makes for an extraordinary hiking experience ...

Trulber Sandhasen-Tour
Trulber Sandhasen-Tour

Premium quality circular hiking trail - The 11 km long tour around Trulben runs through a gentle hilly landscape with wooded slopes and idyllic valleys. There are spectacular rocks, caves and views to discover ...

Schmuggler Pfad
Schmuggler Pfad

On this tour history is brought to life! A Lorraine cross, several historical border stones, a replica of a customs house and various information boards on the topics of customs and smuggling present the history of the border region and breathe life into this theme trail. The trail also offers the opportunity to enjoy the typical French flair in Walschbronn.

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